PM remembers Tamil poet Subramania Bharathi

New Delhi [India], September 11 : Remembering his ‘rich’ scholarship, ‘multi-faceted’ contributions and ‘noble’ ideas on social justice and women empowerment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday paid tributes to Tamil poet, Subramania Bharathi, popularly known as Bharathiyar, on his 100th death anniversary.
PM Modi who paid tribute to the Tamil poet in a tweet today also shared the link of the speech he delivered during the International Bharati Festival last year which was organised to celebrate Bharathi’s 138th birth anniversary. “On his 100th Punya Tithi, paying homage to the remarkable Subramania Bharati. We recall his rich scholarship, multi-faceted contributions to our nation, noble ideals on social justice and women empowerment. Here is a speech I gave on him in December 2020,” tweeted the Prime Minister today.
A pioneer of modern Tamil poetry, Bharathiyar is considered to be one of the greatest Tamil literary figures of all time.
He composed many fiery songs kindling patriotism during the Indian Independence movement. Though a believer, his songs were also known for espousing socialist ideals.

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