PM Modi slams Opposition in Parliament, gave this big statement

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New Delhi: The monsoon session of Parliament started on Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the newly appointed ministers in his address in the Lok Sabha on the first day of the session.

During this, the opposition started a ruckus in the house. Introducing the newly appointed ministers, the Prime Minister said that it is a matter of happiness that many backward and Dalit brothers and women have become ministers, but some people do not like it.

“I thought that today there will be an atmosphere of enthusiasm in Parliament because so many women, Dalit and tribal ministers have been made. This time MPs from farmer’s family, our colleagues from rural background and people from OBC community have got a chance in the cabinet this time,” PM Modi said. 

PM Modi said that it would have been a pleasure to introduce new ministers, but maybe some people of the country, Dalits, women, OBCs, farmers family members should become ministers. Then they do not even allow him to be introduced.

PM Modi gave this statement amidst a massive ruckus created by the opposition MPs in the House.

“Children of the country’s farmer families have become ministers, today when they are being introduced in the house, some people are suffering a lot. Today, women who became ministers are being introduced in this house, so what is the anti-women mentality, due to which they are not even ready to hear their names in the house,” PM Modi said in the House. 

What is this mentality which is not ready to glorify Dalits, Adivasis, farmer’s son? This type of mentality has been seen for the first time in the House,” he added.

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