PM Modi Pens Condolence Letter To Akshay Kumar Post His Mother’s Demise

A few days after actor Akshay Kumar’s mother passed away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent him a condolence letter.

In the letter, Modi said that he’s extremely saddened and advised Akshay to preserve his late mother Aruna Bhatia’s memories and legacy. On Sunday, Akshay took to his Twitter account and shared Modi’s letter with his followers.

“My dear Akshay, it was best if I would never have written such a letter. In an ideal world, such a time should never have come. I was saddened by the demise of your Mother, Smt. Aruna Bhatia. When I spoke to you that fateful morning, you were crestfallen and you encapsulated it emotionally when you wrote, she was my core. And today I feel an unbreakable pain at the very core of my existence.” You tasted success after much hard work and struggle. You have built a name and achieved fame for yourself through your determination and tenacity. Through your journey, you retained the right values and moral strength due to which you could easily turn adversities into opportunities. And these ! earnings came from your parents,” the letter read.

Modi also appreciated Akshay for making his mother proud by reaching heights.

“When you began your career, I am sure people on the way would have been sceptical, even outright condescending. But, your Mother stood with you like a rock. At the peak of success and the lows of failure, she was there as an anchor. She ensured you remained kind, compassionate and humble at all times. She also instilled a spirit of service in you, seen repeatedly through your philanthropic initiatives and eagerness to give back to society. What is heartening is that during her life, she saw you scale new heights of success and stardom. The manner in which you took care of her is deeply inspiring. She left the world knowing fully well that her beloved son is one of India’s most admired and versatile actors. In such times of grief, words seldom do justice. Preserve her memories and legacy, and keep making her proud. In this tragic hour, my thoughts are with you and your family. Om Shanti,” the Prime Minister grieved.

After receiving such heartfelt condolences from Modi, Akshay expressed his gratitude towards the Prime Minister.

“Humbled by condolence messages on mom’s passing, thankful to all…Grateful to hon’ble PM for this amazing gesture to take out time and express warm feelings for me and my late parents. These comforting words will stay with me forever. Jai Ambe,” Akshay wrote.

Akshay’s mother breathed her last on September 8.

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