PM Modi lauds team of differently-abled people for hoisting flag at Siachen

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded the team of differently-abled people who created a world record by hoisting a flag on the Kumar Post situated at an altitude of more than 15,000 feet at the Siachen glacier.

New Delhi [India], September 26 : Addressing the 81st episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi said the feat that the team of eight “Divyangs” have achieved was an inspiration for the whole country. “We all know about the Siachen Glacier. The cold there is so terrible that it is beyond the capacity of a common person to live there…A few days ago, the feat that a team of eight Divyang persons performed in this inaccessible region of Siachen is a matter of pride for every countryman. This team created a world record by hoisting its flag on the Kumar Post situated at an altitude of more than 15 thousand feet at the Siachen glacier,” he said.
“Despite the challenges of physical ability, the feats that these Divyangs have achieved are an inspiration for the whole country and when you get to know about the members of this team, you will also be filled with courage and enthusiasm, just like I was,” he added.
PM Modi informed the team that concurred Kumar Post consisted of– Mahesh Nehra, Akshat Rawat of Uttarakhand, Pushpak Gawande of Maharashtra, Ajay Kumar of Haryana, Lobsang Chospel of Ladakh, Major Dwarkesh of Tamil Nadu, Irfan Ahmed Mir of Jammu and Kashmir and Chongjin Ingmo of Himachal Pradesh.

“This operation to conquer the Siachen Glacier has been successful because of the veterans of the special forces of the Indian Army. I commend the team for this historic and unprecedented achievement. It also shows the spirit of our countrymen to tackle every challenge with a “Can Do Culture”, a “Can Do Determination” and a “Can Do Attitude”,” he stated.
The Prime Minister further said that today, the government is making many efforts for the welfare of differently-abled people in the country.
“I got a chance to know about one such effort being made in Uttar Pradesh – “One Teacher, One Call”. This unique effort in Bareilly is showing a new path to the Divyang children. This campaign is being led by the principal of a school in Dabhaura Gangapur, Deepmala Pandey Ji,” he said.
PM Modi informed that during the Corona period, due to this campaign, not only did the admission of a large number of children become possible, more than 350 teachers have also joined it with a spirit of service.
“These teachers go from village to village calling for Divyang children, looking out for them and then ensuring their admission in one school or the other. I deeply appreciate this noble effort of Deepmala ji and her fellow teachers for the sake of Divyangjans. Every such effort in the field of education is going to shape the future of our country,” he added.

World River Day: PM Modi urges people to observe ‘river festival’ once a year

New Delhi [India], September 26 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to celebrate the ‘river festival” on the occasion of “World River Day” on Sunday to connect with the traditions which are associated with rivers for centuries in our country.
Addressing the 81st episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi said, “We mark so many days, but there is one more day we should celebrate. It is ‘World River Day’. This day is such which is very consistent with the traditions of India.” He called September an important month, a month when we celebrate World River Day, and said it is a day to remember the contribution of our rivers that selflessly provide us with water.
The Prime Minister said for Indian rivers are not a “physical thing, but a living entity”.
“As we celebrate World River Day today, I urge the people across the country to mark a ‘river festival’ at least once a year,” he said.
“In our scriptures, even a little pollution in the rivers is said to be wrong,” he said and urged the people to follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi “who had done the work of making cleanliness a mass movement” and keep the rivers clean.
The radio programme comes after his recently-concluded visit to the United States where he addressed the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

PM Modi urges people to buy Khadi products to mark Gandhi Jayanti

With Gandhi Jayanti around the corner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the people to buy Khadi products to mark “Bapu’s Jayanti with great fervour”.
Addressing the 81st episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi remembered the contribution of Gandhi to the cleanliness movement and said “Mahatma Gandhi had associated cleanliness with the dream of independence”. “Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) was a proponent of cleanliness, he made cleanliness a mass movement and associated it with the dream of independence,” he said.
He said the youth of today must know that how the cleanliness campaign had given constant energy to the freedom movement. “Today, after so many decades, the cleanliness movement has once again worked to connect the country with the dream of a new India,” he said.
The Prime Minister pointed out that if we look at the life of Mahatma Gandhi, then we realise how important small things were in his life and how he had realised big resolutions by taking small things.
Prime Minister Modi also talked about Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav, and said, “Today in the 75th year of independence, we can say with satisfaction that the pride that Khadi had in the freedom movement, today our young generation is giving the same glory to Khadi.”
He pointed out that today the production of Khadi and handloom has increased manifold and its demand has also increased.
“You also know that there have been many occasions when the Khadi showroom in Delhi has done a business of more than one crore rupees in a day,” he added.
Urging the nation to buy more Khadi products, PM Modi said, “let us buy Khadi products and mark Bapu’s Jayanti with great fervour.”
“Mann ki Baat” is the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address, which is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month.

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