PM Modi calls for direct, emotional connect between administration, public to ensure better governance

New Delhi [India] (ANI): Recalling NITI Aayog’s ‘Aspirational Districts’ programme that is essentially aimed at localizing sustainable development goals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called for direct, emotional connect between administration and public to ensure ‘top to bottom’ as well as ‘bottom to top’ governance flow.
“For development in aspirational districts, a direct connect between the administration and the public, an emotional connection, is very important. A ‘top to bottom’ and ‘bottom to top’ flow of governance is needed. And the important aspect of this campaign is technology and innovation,” said the Prime Minister while interacting with the district magistrates of various districts on the implementation of key government schemes. As per the NITI Aayog bulletin, the Aspirational Districts Programme essentially is aimed at localizing Sustainable Development Goals, leading to the progress of the nation.
Speaking further, PM Modi said, “Convergence has proved to be a major reason for the success of the Aspirational Districts Programme. All resources are same, the government machinery is same, officials are same but the result is different.”
The Prime Minister also said, “On the one hand, earlier, the budget kept increasing, plans kept on making, economic development also kept happening in the figures, but even after 75 years of independence, many districts in the country remained behind. Over time these districts were tagged with backward districts.”
“But, times are changing now,” he added.
The Prime Minister took direct feedback about the progress and present status of implementation of government schemes and programmes in the districts. It is aimed at achieving saturation of various schemes by various departments in the districts in mission mode, in convergence with all stakeholders.
Under the leadership of PM Modi, the Government has continuously taken several steps to overcome the asymmetry in growth and development across the country. This is in line with the commitment of the Government towards raising the living standards of all citizens and ensuring inclusive growth for all. (Image source: Instagram)

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