Piyush Goyal inaugurates Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at NITIE, Mumbai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, Piyush Goyal on Thursday inaugurated the Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai.
The event was attended by Member of Parliament (Mumbai North) Gopal Shetty, NITIE Director Prof Manoj K Tewari, Board of Governors, Deans, Faculty Representatives nominated by the Director and Registrar. Inaugurating the Centre, the Union Minister said, “The amount of interdependence in the globalized world calls for significant value addition on several fronts such as packaging, research on transportation, warehousing and more.”
“I hope the Centre of Excellence inaugurated today will help the logistics sector become more cost-effective, make the sector more competitive, create new jobs, export more, engage better with the world markets, expand outreach and bring more economic activity to India,” he added.
Addressing the NITIE community Goyal opined that India is at a very nascent stage of industrial engineering training, research and study.
“There is huge potential in industrial engineering, you can transform the future of this country by the work you are doing,” he said.
“A lot of industrial engineering goes also into sectors such as restaurant design and operations, e-commerce businesses and delivery of public services as well,” he added.
Speaking about NITIE, Goyal said, “When I saw the good work done by NITIE, I realized that some back-end support from Government will help in public, private and academia working together as stakeholders and partners.”
NITIE, located in Powai, Mumbai is a leading Management Education Institute, pioneering in Engineering Management, and it is widely known for its transformative contribution in the field of supply chain management and operations.
Speaking about the Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Goyal said, “Managing supply chains is becoming more and more complex owing to the challenges posed by global competitiveness and economic crisis. In this scenario, the Centre will contribute to cutting edge research, knowledge-building.”
“The Centre will act as a driving force to train and launch top-quality programs to disseminate advanced knowledge and promote digitisation, analytics and IoT Application and decision support systems through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications,” he added.
The minister further said, “For all those millions who are deprived of the fruits of progress and prosperity, we can collectively transform their lives and bring a beacon of hope to them.”

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