Pixel Watch may come with Exynos SoC, new Google Assistant

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Washington [US]: While we are yet to get an official announcement, several leaks that have recently surfaced strongly hint at the arrival of a Google Pixel Watch. And now, we have fresh rumours to add to the chatter surrounding the first Pixel-branded smartwatch.
A recent report from 9to5Google found mentions of “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” which not only solidifies the case for the smartwatch to bear the Pixel name but also suggests that a Pixel smartwatch would receive Wear OS features exclusive to the new wearable. Pixel name and features aside, Wear OS 3 will receive the most recent update to Google Assistant that will be able to understand voice queries and perform tasks while offline. This ability is currently only reserved for select Pixel smartphones.
The report mentions that an Exynos (Samsung-made) SoC for the Pixel Watch is highly likely considering the possibility of the on-device speech processing with updated Google Assistant. The wearable’s SoC could either be an Exynos-branded one or Tensor-branded, but either one would still be made by Samsung.
It’s still too early to tell if any of the above will come true. The Google Pixel Watch is expected sometime in 2022, but there’s no solid timeline on when that may be.
Earlier this month, leaked marketing images of the Google Pixel Watch showed a round watch body and a low-profile touch screen with a rounded edge all the way around.

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