‘Pinki Elli?’ To Premiere At Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne

Kannada movie ‘Pinki Elli?‘, which won awards at New York Indian Film Festival, will now premiere at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne on August 15. The thriller directed by Pruthvi Konanur was also screened at the Busan International Film Festival in 2020.

The movie revolves around Bindhushree, played by Akshatha Pandavapura, a working lady who has an eight-month-old daughter, Pinki, who is cared for by her maid Sanamma. Bindhushree is not aware that Sanamma has been handing over Pinki to a relative, Anasuya, who uses the baby to beg at traffic signals. The baby goes missing adding a twist to the plot.

In an interview with us, Prithvi had said, “I have always believed that films are meant to be such that they should tell good stories eventually. This is a story that took me to the underbelly of Bengaluru, into the slums, as I did a lot of research for the story. This is something that I have done for my previous film, Railway Children too.”

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