Pentagon says only one suicide bomber in Kabul attack, second not confirmed

Washington [US] August 27 : A senior Pentagon official on Friday informed that there was only one suicide bomber near Kabul airport and the reports about the second explosion have not been confirmed.
The initial reports about a second suicide explosion at the Baron hotel near Kabul airport have not been confirmed, Sputnik reported. “I can confirm for you that we do not believe that there was a second explosion at or near the Baron hotel, that it was one suicide bomber. We are not sure how that report was provided incorrect,” said US Army Major General William “Hank” Taylor during a press conference.
Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said the United States has reason to believe the leaders of the Islamic State-Khorasan terror group are behind the attacks at the Kabul airport that killed 13 US service members.
Biden also said the Islamic State-Khorasan has planned complex attacks against US forces and others in Afghanistan after they were released from prisons during the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

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