Payload dropped at Punjab border similar to explosives recovered from terror suspects arrested by Delhi Police

The arms and explosives recovered from terror suspects arrested by Delhi Police Special appear to be a part of payload dropped from a drone at the India-Pakistan border in Amritsar a few days back, said sources on Wednesday.

New Delhi [India], September 15 : On August 9, Punjab Police had recovered a Tiffin bomb that had around 2-3 kg RDX in it, grenades and 100 pistol cartridges from the border area. The investigation was later transferred to National Investigation Agency (NIA). The incident occurred just ahead of Independence Day, following which the state was put on high alert.
“The make and appearance of grenades and pistol recovered from the arrested persons was the part of the same consignment that was dropped at the Indo-Pak border in Amritsar. It seems to that the consignment was to deliver to these terror suspects through sleeper cells active in the border area,” said a senior official.
The persons arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police will be interrogated by NIA and other intelligence agencies. Terror groups have started using drones to deliver drugs, explosives and ammunition in the country to avoid getting caught.
Intelligence agencies are also looking for other suspects who travelled to Muscat from India and allegedly took training at a camp in Thatta in Pakistan to execute terror activities in the country.
Police has recovered four grenades, one pistol and IEDs from terror suspects.
Thatta is the same place where 26/11 Mumbai attacker Ajmal Kasab got trained, according to the police officer.
“We are also conducting raids for the persons who felicitated their travel to Muscat. We have got to know about a man who helped Osama, Zeeshan and several others in reaching Muscat. He had felicitated their passports and arrangements. Two more persons have been picked from UP for questioning. They are ascertaining their role in the terror module,” said a senior police officer.
A senior official said that during interrogation the terror suspects Osama and Zeeshan disclosed that they don’t know each other and for the first time they met at a flat in Muscat. They both travelled to Muscat on different dates. When they were travelling to Thatta they were divided into two several groups and they were joined by Bangladeshi nationals, who also took training in the camps.
“They were taken to a farmhouse in Thatta where they were trained by two persons who were wearing Pakistan Army uniform. Thatta is a terrorist training camp where Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other terror organisations use it to train young recruits and after training, they were sent back and asked to wait for next orders,” said the officer.
The official said the intelligence agencies now suspect that ISI and other terror groups are using underworld assets to plan and carry out terror strikes in the country.
One of the terror accused arrested by Delhi Police Special cell from Mumbai, Jaan Mohammad Shaikh was on Mumbai police vigilance for his notorious activities and he was keeping a low profile for some time. Mumbai police were aware of his connection with the underworld.

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