Paul Williams Reveals His Alcohol Addiction Led Him To ‘Misplace A Decade’

Washington [US]: American vocalist and lyricist Paul Williams said that his alcohol addiction led him to ‘misplace a decade’ in the year 1980.

“I drank, I used, as most people do for about seven minutes, and then by the time I got sober I had misplaced a decade,” said Williams, as reported by Page Six. Further, the 83-year-old singer rued the fact that the ’80s were gone’ for him.

“The 80s were gone for me. I was incredibly productive and fortunate and lucky… in the 70s. In the 80s I stayed home and alphabetized my canned goods,” said the ‘Loneliness’ singer, as reported by Page Six.

Williams was very useful during the 1970s, co-composing lovely tunes like ‘Evergreen’ with American artist Barbra Streisand in the year 1991. He additionally co-composed the tune ‘Rainbow Connection’ from 1979 ‘The Muppet Movie’ which was sung by Kermit the Frog and highlighted in the melodic street satire.

Nonetheless, when Williams turned 49, he recognized his liquor addiction, going to individuals, requesting ‘help’, detailed Page Six.

“I turned to people and I asked for help… the recovery community came out of the woodwork to help me… I didn’t pursue music right after that, I went to UCLA and got my certification as a drug and alcohol counsellor. I found my tribe and what happened is, eventually, I started writing songs again,” said Williams.

Williams stowed the esteemed Johnny Mercer Award at the 2022 Songwriters Hall of Fame Annual Induction and Awards Gala on Thursday revealed Page Six. He is credited with composing other essential tunes including ‘Three Dog Night’s’, ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’, and ‘The Love Boat’ to name a few.

The vocalist additionally highlighted in the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ film establishment and showed up in a few shows like ‘Dream Island’, and ‘The Tonight Show.’

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