Pakistan’s dark nexus of terror behind Taliban takeover

Islamabad [Pakistan], September 1 : Pakistan has been a key player in removing the Afghanistan government from power and establishing a group to a decisive position in Afghanistan with its dark nexus of terrorist groups in the region for over two decades.
Recently, #santionPakistan became a noticeable movement on social media across the world as Afghans criticized Islamabad for its proxy war in Afghanistan. There’s a lot of sympathy for Afghans all across the world and it also accepts that Islamabad-sponsored violence has affected innocent citizens in the region, France’s Inside Over reported. Afghans — who have been suffering from the return of a Sunni-Wahhabi Pakistan-sponsored Taliban government — demand Pakistan be a designated terrorist state.
While the silence of the western countries — who have been chanting rhetoric over human rights and democratic values — has been the most surprising aspect of the Afghanistan crisis.
Islamabad was not criticised when the Taliban governing council is formally referred to as the Quetta shura, after the city in Pakistan where it has operated for the past 20 years, reported Inside Over.
While New Delhi has been continuously demanding the world to act against a terrorist organisation like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohamed operating out of Pakistani territory.
The Taliban’s two-decades-old dreams to grab power, its recent aggressive advance against the government and the Kabul blasts all have a Pakistani element in them irrespective of whichever terrorist group claims credit.
All these organizations have worked as the Pakistan establishment especially its intel wing’s proxies. The Inter-Services Intelligence has been using these groups to fuel the insurgency and carry out a terrorist attack in countries at differing points in an attempt to promote its agenda.
Even Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that the Taliban’s members, who fought with Afghanistan’s government forces, received treatment in Pakistani hospitals and their families were sheltered in Pakistan.
The ISI and the Taliban have deep ties with each other along with the close links in shura councils. Islamabad has been aiding the Taliban from providing logistical supports to giving safe heavens to them.
The Taliban are trained, directed and controlled by Pakistan. Islamabad has been attempting to legitmise the Taliban as Afghanistan’s political representative whether it’s about the Doha agreement’s signing with the US in 2020 or the recent meeting between the Taliban leaders and China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi.
Islamabad has been making serious efforts to legitimise the Taliban assuming it won’t be sanctioned for harboring a group that can cause turmoil in the country.
The humanitarian crisis is looming around Afghanistan and it could be stopped from going beyond the national boundaries if the US, UN, or Security Council member get to know the Taliban’s violent ideology and its connection with Islamabad.
The Taliban and Pakistan both were exposed and were put under restrictions for their links with Al-Qaeda and the IS.
According to the Inside over, a recent report of the UN monitoring team has accused the Taliban of having a close connection with Al-Qaeda, active in the Pakistan border regions, and highlights its links to the Pakistan-based terrorist Haqqani network. Furthermore, the report also records extended ties of the Taliban with some 8,000-10,000 foreign terrorists. All these units, created by Pakistan as proxies, whether it is the IS (KP), the Taliban, the Haqqani network, the LeT are related to each other with the Al- Qaeda remaining their uniting intermediary.

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