Pakistan: Shahbaz Govt spends Rs 149 million to stop Imran Khan’s protest march

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Amid the aggravating financial concerns of the country, the Pakistan government invested Rs 149 million to preserve the order during the protest march of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) to Islamabad on Wednesday.

Policeman said that the federal government released the amount on a created demand of the division to provide for the demands, the Dawn reported.
The ask for the extra grant was made to the chief commissioner’s workplace, it then reached the interior ministry and afterwards it was sent to the finance ministry for release of funds, said the policeman.

The authorities, in their written demand to the federal government, stated that they would preserve the law and order as well as would deploy security workers from outdoors Islamabad. Besides this, other essential items would certainly be prepared, it stated.

The department stated that the government assigned really restricted funds in the current financial year and it was currently eaten as well as therefore asked for the government to release even more funds on an immediate basis to make sure efficient safety measures throughout the order scenario because of the PTI’s demonstration and sit-in.

Imran addresses supporters

It required the amount of Rs 149 million to bear the expenses for five days consisting of Rs 47,500,000 for employing 380 containers, Rs 1,300,000 for four cranes as well as Rs 1,000,000 for four fork lifters.

It likewise requested for Rs 2,798,500 for 100 buses for transport of the force from outside to the capital, Rs 9794,750 for 350 buses for transportation of the force within the capital, Rs 2,798,500 for 100 buses for transport of the force back to their respective districts, Rs 1,685,000 for 100 trucks for logistics groups, food, water, as well as Rs 260,000 for 10 water vessels for 5 days.

In addition, a quantity of Rs 41,250,000 was additionally demanded for food fees for 15,000 officials of the capital and various other area authorities for 5 days, the policemans said, adding for the purchase of complete anti-riot kits another quantity of Rs35,300,000 was required.

Besides, Rs 4,500,000 was also requested for the acquisition of various items, the Dawn reported.

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