Pakistan: Daesh claims responsibility for killing Sikh physician

Islamabad [Pakistan], October 3 (ANI): The terrorist organisation Islamic State (Daesh) has claimed responsibility for killing a Sikh community member earlier this week in Pakistan’s Peshawar.
In a statement, Islamic State (Daesh) on Friday said Satnam Singh was shot dead by IS (Daesh) members. Satnam Singh, a Hakim (physician) was inside his clinic on Thursday in Peshawar when he was shot dead. The incident comes as yet another example of the deplorable conditions under which religious minorities live in Pakistan.
Religious minorities continue to face brutal suppression of their rights. They regularly become a target of rampant violence.
Religious minorities remain a soft target of non-state actors and religiously inspired extremists. Meanwhile, the dogged persistence of state policies has failed to reboot the judicial system and rule of law.
Pakistan on several occasions has promised to safeguard the interests of minority communities in the nation. However, rampant attacks on the minorities narrate a different story.

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