Pakistan Bans Air Travel For Unvaccinated Travellers

Pakistan has banned air travel for unvaccinated passengers. This move comes as the country tries to make a stronger push for vaccinations, and help prevent strict lockdowns in the future.

Following the directive of National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority in its notification stated that from October 1, only fully vaccinated travellers aged 18 and above, will be allowed to air travel to, from, and within Pakistan, after providing proof of vaccination against the COVID.

Pakistan Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan tweeted regarding this and stated only vaccinated travellers of age 18 and above will be allowed to undertake domestic travel within Pakistan.

As per the reports, there is a catch though. Those below the age of 18 will likely be allowed to travel to Pakistan without the need to provide proof of vaccination certificate. Further, those between the age of 15 and 18, will be allowed to travel inbound to the country without a vaccination certificate till October 31.

Likewise, those advised against administering the vaccine due to some health condition, will also be allowed to travel, but will have to provide a certificate from the doctor. Reports also have it that travellers holding foreign passports and travelling outbound from Pakistan, will not be affected by the said ban. Also, those who have travelled to the country before October 1, will also remain exempted from the said revised rule.

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