‘Paani Ch Madhaani’ Trailer Out Now

After a long wait, finally the trailer of ‘Paani Ch Madhaani’ is out. Featuring a huge cast that includes some of the finest Punjabi stars like Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Gugghi, Neeru Bajwa, Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sanga, and more, the trailer gives a glimpse into the dose of entertainment which will be served this Diwali.

The story is based on Gippy Grewal and his musical troop that despite giving good performances fail to impress the audience. They then decide to include a female singer in their troop for an additional edge, and this is when Neeru Bajwa enters into the plot. Thereafter, the troop starts getting more shows and better opportunities. They even fly to England for a special show, and then Gippy receives a phone call that brings in a twist. Gippy’s sister calls him all the way from India to tell him that he has won a lottery of 21 lakh rupees. The troop then decides that from now on they will be their own boss. However, the lottery ticket by mistake lands in the hands of a beggar. The problem is not that the beggar might try to encash the ticket, the problem is that the beggar passes away, and it appears he had the ticket in the pocket of the coat that he was wearing. Now the whole troop plans to dig the grave in an unsuspicious manner.

Check out the trailer of ‘Paani Ch Madhaani’ :

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