20,000 students have been provided credit cards: Mamata Bannerjee

Darjeeling ( West Bengal) [India]: On a five-day visit to north Bengal, West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday talked about the ongoing progress in the state.

She cleared her stance on students and the facilities provided to the young minds under her leadership.
“Over 20 thousand students of West Bengal have been provided credit cards for their educational expenses upto Rs 10 lakh, we are in the process of adding more students to the list gradually,” said the West Bengal CM.

While stating about the increment in daily wages of the tea labourers in Darjeeling, she said “Chaa Sundari Scheme’ has been launched in the state, under which 3,80,000 families will be provided homes. Tea labourers used to get Rs 67 as daily wage before TMC came to power, now they are paid Rs 202 daily wage”.(ANI)


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