Odisha : GST collection Up

Bhubaneswar (Odisha): Odisha recorded a Goods and services (GST) collection of Rs 3,615 crore during July 2021, 54 per cent higher than Rs 2,348 crore in July 2020.

This is the 2nd highest ever gross collection of GST by the state in any month after the collection of Rs 3,849 crore recorded during April 2021. This growth rate of GST in Odisha is the second highest amongst all major states in India after Maharashtra “The progressive GST collection till July 21 is Rs 13661 crores against Rs 7,540 crore with a growth of 81 per cent. The corresponding collection till July 19 was Rs 10,513 crores,” according to a release by the state government.

The collection of OGST during the month of July 21 is Rs 1067 crore against a collection of Rs 794 crore during July 2020 recording a growth of 34 per cent. The collection of Rs 1,067 crore is also the second-highest ever collection after a collection of Rs 1,126 crore recorded during April 2021.

“The progressive collection of OGST upto July 21 is Rs. 3880 crores, against a collection of Rs. 2354 crore upto July 20 recording a progressive growth of 65 per cent.The corresponding figure till July 19 was Rs 3023 crore. There is a collection of Rs 927 crore in CGST, 1028 crore in IGST and 592 Cr in Cess during July 21,” read a release by the state government.

The total e-waybill generated during July 2021 was 14.43 Lakh against 11.23 Lakh during July’20 witnessing a growth of 28 per cent.

“This growth during July 21 is a result of better compliance by dealers having a turnover of more than Rs. 5 crores. During the previous year as well as QRMP Dealers filing returns for the Quarter ending June 21. An increase in the collection is also due to rising in commodity prices in iron and steel as well as the mining sector and collection from matured GST demand made by tax officers after return scrutiny,” the release said.

“This is also a result of regular follow up by the tax officials as well as closer scrutiny of returns filed by the dealers and enforcement measures undertaken by the Commercial tax organization,” it said.

According to the state government, the total collection of VAT (Petrol and Liquor) is Rs 824.53 crores during July 21 as against Rs 611.36 crore during July 20 with a growth rate of 34.86 per cent.

“Out of the above, collection from Petroleum Products is Rs 674.53 crores during July 21 as against Rs 501.36 crore during July 20 with a growth rate of 34.54 per cent. Similarly, the collection from liquor is Rs 150.01 crores during July 21 as against Rs.110.43 crores during July 20 with a growth rate of 36.36 per cent,” the release said.

As per the state government, 9386 numbers of new registrants have been brought under the GST during the current Financial year.

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