Why only common civil code…

Amid debate on implementing common civil code across the country after an observation of Delhi High Court, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said, “Why one should talk only for common civil code but attempt should also be made for total prohibition across at national level”.

Patna : Mr Nitish Kumar told media persons here that there was much talks for implementation of common civil code in the country, which was related to article 44 of the constitution but focus should also be on article 47 which dealt with endeavour of the government to enforce total prohibition across the country, to ensure good health of the people.

To a query regarding recent observation of Delhi High Court about common civil code, he stressed that total prohibition at national level was more important.

As it is, Delhi High Court had recently observed that time had come for implementation of common civil code across the country. Since 1985, Supreme Court had on several occasions, observed that government should strive for implementing common civil code but no result was still visible, Delhi High Court had pointed out in its recent judgement.

Complete prohibition was enforced by Nitish Kumar government in the year 2016. Since then, he had been advocating for complete prohibition at national level.

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