No vendetta against Pawan Kalyan

While on one hand COVID-19 cases have been on the rise, on the other, the Pawan Kalyan-starrer Vakeel Saab opened to full houses on April 9.
Buyers of the film in Andhra Pradesh decided to sell tickets for the film at a surge price, in an attempt to get back their investments quickly.

However, following an AP High Court ruling, the State Government intervened and said that the increased prices would be applicable only for April 9 and April 10 for online tickets. While many are seeing this as a bid by the ruling party to curb Pawan Kalyan (Chief of the rival Jenasena Party), Andhra Pradesh Film Development Corporation Chairman Vijay Chander rubbishes such speculation.

Describing it as a “welcome decision,” he says, “If tickets are sold at a premium, how can a common man watch the film on the first day? That’s why the government has changed the price. It has nothing to do with Pawan Kalyan or any political vendetta.”

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