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New York University
New York University: Why New York University?

New York University is a private university with 13 schools, institutes, and departments spread across five primary locations in the Manhattan borough of New York, New York, in the United States. The University of the City of New York was founded in 1831, and the schools of law and medicine followed in 1835 and 1841, respectively.

In 1890, a graduate school of psychology was built, and it quickly became a central hub for the study of education. The current name of the institution was chosen in 1894.

A school of business that offers both degree programs, a graduate of public service (administration), a school of education that includes health, nursing, and the arts, a school of medicine, a postgraduate medical school, a college of dentistry, a law school, a school of social work, and a school of the arts that provides instruction in the performing and visual arts are all now part of New York University.

So, The Gallatin School of Individualized Study at the university was established in 1972 to offer chances for obtaining degrees through cutting-edge study programs. There are roughly 48,300 students enrolled in total.


The Tisch School of Arts, which contains the Dance, Drama, and Cinema programs and boasts a long list of graduates, including Alec Baldwin, Lady Gaga, Kristen Bell, Rainn Wilson, and Spike Lee, is one of NYU’s most esteemed institutions. A portfolio is essential because the admissions process strongly emphasizes artistic talent.

A top-ranked program is the Stern School of Business, particularly for Finance. Stern students, sometimes known as “Sternies,” have the chance to take part in special programs like the International Business Exchange program (IBEX), which allows them to study at a prestigious business school abroad. Many applications are sent to Stern, and the institution has a lower acceptance rate than the average university.

There are numerous majors and minors available at NYU’s many schools, including Stern and Tisch, and some of them have different “tracks” can choose from (e.g., Economics major on the Policy track). This enables students to focus on the parts of their field in which they are most interested.

Additionally, NYU offers “cross-school minors” that let students explore academic interests outside of the school where their major is offered. Students who desire to experience the university’s exceptional arts curriculum without concentrating on Tisch may find this option especially useful.

Student Life:

Like many other campuses, NYU’s student life isn’t centered around attending football games or chilling out on campus. Instead, they frequently say that they grew from the city, residing like New Yorkers in the middle of the Big Apple. That said, there are ways to get active through sports leagues and various clubs if you are keen to join university-run student organizations.

Each student at NYU can participate in team sports at the degree of commitment they choose, thanks to the university’s varsity, club, intramural, and recreational teams.

Additionally, NYU offers groups for every interest; typically, the student body engages in over 300 clubs overall. WNYU, a student-run radio station, and NYU Local, a student-run news publication, are two clubs in the area of communications. You can visit the Cheese Club or the Coffee Club if you enjoy eating. Additionally, Steinhardt has choirs, orchestras, and music ensembles that are frequently open to students from around the institution.


The numerous organizations and extracurricular activities available at NYU support campus life. You can find people who share your passions at NYU, no matter what you’re into or why you chose to study there. Several ensembles put together by the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development are perhaps the most well-known organizations. Ensembles for chamber music may be composed of woodwinds, strings, piano, and other instruments.

Join the university’s saxophone orchestra, a conducted group with eight to twenty members, if brass is your thing.  The pipes and drums band, which plays at university events to energize the crowd, is the most noticeable group. All students at NYU are welcome to join any of the over 900 on-campus organizations, regardless of their chosen major.


Many people assume that when they see these high ranks that the statistics represent academic achievement, the hard work of studying and working. Even though studying is a massive part of life at NYU, there are other aspects. The institution has an active student life because of its numerous illustrious traditions.

The most notable custom for incoming students is Welcome Week, a series of events intended to orient newcomers to campus. To make sure everyone is registered in the appropriate classes, these activities involve the typical orientation procedures. But for many, the meet-and-greets and club sign-ups, where kids participate in the school’s social life, are the most thrilling aspects.

Financial Help:

Unfortunately, NYU has a reputation for being costly. Over $74,000 is projected to be spent on tuition, housing, and food in 2020–2021. The average net premium paid by NYU students and their families after financial assistance and scholarships is greater than the average total payment for other private colleges.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that NYU has a sizable international student population (more than 30% of admitted students in the most recent admissions cycle), many of whom are disqualified for federal financial aid, which contributes to the university’s higher-than-average expenditures.

Why New York University?

The institution has a long tradition of producing the most talented individuals in the fields of the arts, medicine, and law. It is clear why NYU is the top pick of severe students given its alums, who are a who’s who of great achievers.

People come to NYU for more reasons than simply the books and professors, though. The university has one of the most attractive and distinctive campuses in New York City. Due to the numerous events and clubs held on campus, students have plenty of opportunities to engage in the local culture.

NYU has you covered if you’re seeking to have fun at Strawberry Week or are looking for other artists to play with. Even though participation in sports may not be the best reason for applying to NYU, the Violets have nothing to be ashamed of.  In summary, NYU is your school if you desire the best education and vibrant campus culture.


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