Nishvika Naidu: ‘I Am Double Kicked About Getting Started On ‘Dil Pasand’

The past year or two have been particularly bright and fruitful for Nishvika. Having charmed the audiences with her performance in Jadeesha K. Hampi’s ‘Gentleman’ in 2019, the actor went on to lure more exciting opportunities and now has films like ‘Sakath’ and ‘Guru Shishyaru’ in her kitty. Alongside the big names that are associated with these projects (Golden Star Ganesh and Sharan respectively), Nishvika also gets to put her versatility on display here with the variety of her roles. In the same vein comes ‘Dilpasand’, a romantic comedy that she is very excited about because of its hilarious storyline and also the fact that she is finally getting to glam up on the screen.

“I have always wanted to play someone very glamorous on-screen because mostly my roles so far have been slightly on the serious side and there’s been very little scope in that regard. And just when I was thinking to myself that there should be a change to this, I was approached for ‘Dilpasand’ at the perfect hour! The best part is not just my character, which is quite fashionable and bold, but the story too is hilarious so I am double kicked about getting started on this film. It’s rare that you get the best of both,” shares an evidently excited Nishvika. This would be the first time she is working with Krishna and the two have been keenly looking forward to a collaboration for quite some time.

And as far the variety of her roles in concerned, Nishvika says that it’s her mother who often lends a thought in making the decision. The two take narrations and assess them together but the final call, as she asserts, remains with her. “For the longest time, I was lucky to be offered interesting roles and I didn’t really have to decline any because it was pretty straight forward to say yes to them. But later, because of a certain typecast, I started getting mainly these bubbly roles which, while they were credible offers, were still very similar to what I had done in the past. But ‘Gentleman’ changed things for me considerably – the tone of the character and the way it was conceived by Jadeesh (the director) made a lot of difference to how I was perceived as an actor. Since then, the offers have been starkly different and my own instincts too have shaped better over time,” adds Nishvika who will be seen playing a visually challenged character in ‘Sakath’ and a village belle in ‘Guru Shishyaru’.

Indeed, director Jadeesh K. Hampi has been instrumental in the change of her image, per se, as it was him who cast her as the lead in ‘Guru Shishyaru’. She adds: “The entire team of ‘Gentleman’ has been so kind and supportive to me that right after the film came out, they all put out a great word for me in the industry and I started to get better offers after that. The role in ‘Guru Shishyaru’ has been quite revelatory for me because I had never lived the village life and it was a challenge to sink your teeth into something like that. But thanks to the whole team that the process has been fun and interesting all along”.

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