NGO MDV distributes Ghee-Free Sweets & Vegan Ghee on this World Vegan Day

New Delhi [India] : This Diwali, International NGO Million Dollar Vegan (MDV) is celebrating the time of festivities and the World Vegan Day by distributing vegan ghee and ghee-free sweets.
To spread awareness about veganism and its benefit to the human lifestyle, MDV will distribute jars of Vegan Ghee along with Ghee-Free sweets to educate people about the importance of being vegan. Many known personalities like Bryan Adams, Evanna Lynch, Joanna Lumley, Sunny Leone, Shilpa Shetty, Genelia Deshmukh, Mallika Sherawat and several others across the globe have supported MDV in their endeavour to educate people about the urgency to eat a plant-based diet by distributing vegan meals.
Campaign supporter and actress Sunny Leone says, “I have lived in Mumbai, India for 10 years now and nothing makes me happier than bringing a smile and a warm meal to the children, women and men in this city. Million Dollar Vegan has now served over 500,000 meals globally. The smiles and gratitude have made me realize there is so much more to be done and I never want to stop trying to help those in need. As part of our India aid efforts, we have provided almost 2 lakh (2,00,000) meals in India itself and we look forward to serving even more.”
Campaign supporter, singer, music producer, composer, and actor, Anushka Manchanda says, “I am proud to be supporting Million Dollar Vegan in providing plant-based sweets in celebration of Diwali! By providing plant-based options this Diwali, we want to show that the same sweets can be enjoyed without the need for animal products. This Diwali we can make choices which are better for our health, better for the animals and better for the environment.”
MDV’s India Campaign Manager, Darshana Muzumdar, says, “Every year, we celebrate World Vegan Day in a different way, and this year, we’re happy to raise awareness in the “sweetest” way possible. Combining World Vegan Day with Diwali is a boon and we’re happy that people are more than receptive to learning about the hidden dark truths about dairy.” She further adds, “Million Dollar Vegan aims to take future pandemics off the menu by putting plants on it and we act in solidarity with communities impacted by food justice issues.
In India, many people suffered huge losses apart from the lives of dear ones and MDV works with them to educate them and help them make choices that will help prevent a repeat of the experience of the last 18 months.”
This give-away is part of a global 14-day food justice initiative by MDV that has themed events in 14 different countries over 14 days. In India, the theme is “Veganism is Hope; Veganism is Light”.
The other events and their themes will take place in Kenya (Veganism is for All), the UK (Veganism is Delicious), Brazil (Veganism is Sustainable), Spain (Veganism is About Justice), Mexico (Veganism is Safer), France (Veganism is Compassion), UAE (Veganism is Nutritious), Hungary (Veganism is Empowering), Argentina (Veganism is the Future), Italy (Veganism is Enlightening), Uganda (Veganism is Global), USA (Veganism is Love) and will end on 14th November with a food justice project in Indonesia (Veganism is Impactful).
In their endeavour to help people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, MDV has over the past 18 months donated vegan meals and ration in 85 cities in 22 countries and has pledged to donate 1 million (10 lakh meals) in all. It has already served 500,000 meals.
In India, MDV has helped and educated almost 2 lakh people including migrant workers, underserved communities in the slums of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Bengaluru, frontline medical and healthcare workers in Pune, sex workers in Mumbai, and they even provided a fully vegan Eid meal for 2,000 people in Pune.

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