New Afghan government will include some members not from Taliban – Movement’s Spokesman

Moscow, Aug 16: The new government of Afghanistan will include some people, who are not members of the Taliban Islamist movement (banned in Russia), Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen told CNN.
“When we are saying an Afghan inclusive Islamic government, that means that other Afghans also have participation in the government,” Shaheen said.
He stressed that it was premature to mention any specific names, but noted that the Taliban were trying to include some “well-known figures” in the new cabinet.
According to Shaheen, officers of the Afghan army and police, who will hand over weapons and will be ready to serve under the new government, will receive amnesty and guarantee for their lives and property.
On Sunday, the Taliban entered Kabul, after which President Ashraf Ghani announced resignation and left the country. Ghani said his decision was dictated by the desire to prevent violence as the militants were ready to carry out an attack on the capital.

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