Netherlands Imposes Partial Lockdown

As Europe deals with a fresh outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, Netherlands goes into a partial lockdown.

Many countries in the European Union are reporting a rise in the number of cases, and it is certainly a worrying trend. Netherland’s Caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that the restrictions that were thought to have ended for good are now being reimposed.

Fresh restrictions are being reimposed in the Netherlands for a period of three weeks. On Saturday, the Dutch government asked restaurants and shops to close early, marking the beginning of this fresh lockdown.

Netherlands has further further asked supermarkets and all non-essential retailers to close earlier, while social distancing has been re-imposed. The government in the Netherlands has further announced that spectators are not allowed to watch sporting events during this time.

Furthermore, the government has announced that homes will not have more than four visitors, which is to be effective immediately. While cafes and nightclubs will shut down at 8 pm.

Mark Rutte said during a televised address, “Tonight we are bringing a very unpleasant message with very unpleasant and far-reaching measures. The virus is everywhere and needs to be combated everywhere.”

Other countries such as Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic are also looking at fresh curbs, or have already started to impose them as of today. With Christmas holiday coming around the corner, these lockdowns and restrictions tend to be unpopular during this time of the year.

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