Nepal PM Deuba assures three-tier elections within a year

Kathmandu [Nepal] (ANI): Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has assured to hold three-tier elections within a year asking the electoral body of the Himalayan nation to start preparing for it.
Addressing the nation on completion of six months in power after being elected for the fifth term, Deuba claimed that his leadership is committed to hold the elections on time and asked the Election Commission to prepare for it accordingly. Referring to obstruction in house by the opposition and stalled amendment bills in the lower house Prime Minister Deuba also promised to resolve all the issues beforehand.
“Having dialogue and talks with all the political parties present in parliament, the deadlock of the lower house would be brought to an end and all the topics under discussion will be concluded accordingly. The government owns the responsibility to hold three-tier elections, I request all concerned authorities to carry on the preparatory works for the polls,” Deuba said in a televised address.
Though Prime Minister Deuba reiterated to hold the elections on time he didn’t mention when it would be held or of which area would be held first.
“Responsibility of holding the three-tier election within one year, the government has been carrying out preparatory works for it,” the Prime Minister reiterated.
The ruling coalition has been debating over holding elections of local or federal levels first which increases speculation about the government’s motive. (Image source: Instagram)

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