Neha Bhasin Pushes Prateek Sehajpal On Bigg Boss OTT

Neha Bhasin grabbed Prateek Sehajpal by his collar and pushed him after she was named as the most unhygienic contestant on the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss OTT.

The incident was triggered during the “panchayat task” on Bigg Boss OTT. The contestants were asked to name one pair of co-contestants to be given the title of most “unhygienic connection”. Muskaan aka Moose Jattana was the first one to say, “Milind Gaba aur Neha Bhasin. Sab jagah Neha ka samaan milta hai (Her belongings are found all around the house).”

Soon, every one else named Neha Bhasin as well. Neha Bhasin snapped at Prateek Sehajpal when he named her and said, “Do not insult me in front of everyone.”

Later, Prateek Sehajpal was seen trying to mend ways with Neha but she ignored him. When he started to block her way, she grabbed his collar and pushed him away. “Whatever you are doing is not looking cool, okay? There is a genuine reason (for what I said),” he told her. She replied, “Aap ek number ke jhoothe admi ho (You are a liar).”

When he tried to explain saying, “I treat you as a friend,” she told him, “Yaar, ye dosti hai? Ye dhong mat karo yaar aap. Khatam ho gai aaj se ye dosti (Is this friendship? Please do not pretend, this is the end of this friendship).”

Prateek Sehajpal was then seen saying, “If this is how you talk, this is who you are. You are also dangerous to me then.” Bhojpuri star Akshara Singh tried to intervene but Neha Bhasin was upset with her as well and asked her to stay out of it. “You are both liars. I will walk out of this if you insist on talking to me. I feel so bad looking at your faces, it will be better I do not see your faces at all,” she said.

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