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Neena Gupta Nailing The Bow Pose In Her Latest Workout Video

What keeps Neena Gupta fit even at 61? Apart from healthy eating, the actor does not miss out on regular workout.

The Sardar ka Grandson actor recently posted a video on Instagram, in which she is seen doing a yoga asana, known as Dhanurasana or Bow Pose. That’s not all, she even goes to the extent of rocking her body in the posture, also known as the rocking bow pose. “Dhanurasan with too much noise,” she captioned the post. Have a look:

Dhanurasana is a backbend in hatha yoga that works the back and abdominal muscles. People who suffer from high or low blood pressure, hernia, neck injury, pain in the lower back, or migraine should not perform this asana. One should also avoid practicing this during pregnancy.

Steps to perform this asana:-

*Lie on the stomach with your feet apart and your arms on either side of the body.

*Fold your knees and take your hands backwards to hold the ankles.

*Breathe in and lift your chest off the ground. Pull your legs up and towards the back.

*Hold the position for a while and pay attention to your breath.

*Bend only as far as the body permits. Gently bring your legs and chest down to the ground. Release the ankles and relax.

Have you tried this asana?

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