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Myths Associated With Polyamorous Relationship

Our society often has a set number of rules and norms that guide every individual’s perception of relationships. These norms can often get regressive and be imposed as mandates. Polyamory is all about having a non-monogamous relationship with two or more people. The only rule here is, to be open and vocal with all the people involved in the relationship. In a polyamorous relationship, communication is key and being open about most aspects of the relationship is appreciated.

Here are some of the common myths that are associated with polyamory and a polyamorous relationship:

They Have Commitment Issues

People have often misinterpreted relationships and people who indulge in polyamorous relationships to be commitment-phobes. In fact, in polyamorous relationships, communication is extremely vital and people are open about their experiences and feelings. A person with commitment issues would not ideally be open about their feelings and keep it to themselves.

It’s All About Sex

While it is accepted in a polyamorous relationship to be with multiple partners at the same time, it does not always mean having sexual intercourse with multiple people at the same time. Polyamory can be as plutonic or non-sexual as any relationship. The priority is to establish ground rules that work for everybody involved.

It is Synonymous to Cheating

People in a polyamorous relationship consensually agree to be in such a relationship and have an understanding of their partners’ love life. It is only a polyamorous relationship when all the people involved know about the others and have mutually agreed to be in such a relationship. Cheating however includes deceiving one’s partner or betraying their trust.

There Is No Happy Ending

The society we live in has accepted monogamy as the norm and sticks to representing its ideal nature by disregarding other experiences or lifestyles. A happy ending is always associated with having an exclusive relationship with “the one and only.” Happiness for some might be defined by celebrating the individuality of multiple people by being in a relationship with them. In that case, polyamory should be as accepted as monogamy.

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