My journey taught me What’s Life in True sense: N K Chaudhary


NK Chaudhary, Chairman and Managing Director needs no introduction in the Industry. He has created a huge empire with his great vision, relentless efforts and and a ‘team’ which is like a ‘Family’ to him. In an exclusive interaction with our Editor, he emphasizes on the human relationships, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and building a team with wonderful achievements.  


How do you feel and rate your success as a Businessman?

NKC: When I started the business, I was innocent, restless, and highly ambitious. I wanted to do things for myself and my family. But it is by doing this business that I realized my true self. I unknowingly started on a journey to learn who I am and nurture my inner self. I learnt that the pursuit of self is bigger than the pursuit of any material profits. And this to me is the biggest success in the world. Now that I have this understanding, I find myself capable of reaching the heights of true success.

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Tell us something about childhood, school & college days.


NKC : I was a very sincere and dedicated child. I remember back in college, we had a very strict professor of business administration. One day, he came to my class and asked me to stand up. I got very scared and thought about what wrong I might have done. He took out a test copy and showed it to everyone in the class saying look at the answer this boy has written. The question was what is the definition of business and I wrote “Business is next to love. It is the creator and preserver of civilization.” The professor then said that this boy will become a different businessman one day!

N K Chaudhary with his Family at his House


What according to you is the reason behind a successful person in your field?

NKC: The biggest thing I have learnt about life is that everything lies within. It is only by building a deep connection with my inner self that I can be satisfied in life. And when I am satisfied, I am happy.


What are the three wishes which you would like to fulfill in upcoming years?

NKC : As per my opinion, you can say that 

  1. Understanding why I do what I do and not being led by my compulsions.
  2. Developing a deep sense of how I might be more mindful and relaxed in life.
  3. Tapping into the full potential of our weavers and employees so that their lives are transformed by the work they do. Building work as meditation.

 What could be the future of the Indian economy in upcoming years and the carpet industry?

NKC: The future holds a lot of exciting things. The global demand for luxury products is rising at a very fast pace. If we focus on working on the grassroot, connecting the creators & the consumers directly, and building a fair proposition for everyone involved – the industry can do wonders. I am very positive about what the future holds and how we will go there.

Founder N K Chaudhary in his early days when he started his business

What motivates you and how do you motivate your team to perform better?

NKC : I focus a lot on how I can forgive and forget. This practice makes me feel fresh and alive everyday. It retains my childlike spirit. And when the team sees me this enthusiastic and curious, they feel motivated too. As a leader, I make sure I provide enough love, direction, and freedom to everyone at work.


Being a veteran in the field, what would be your suggestions for a long successful career for young entrepreneurs?

NKC : Work on understanding who you are, what is your passion & natural abilities – and then decide what you want to work on. Before starting a business, it is important to know yourself in and out. It is only when you have that knowledge that you can build a successful business.

NKC with his coworkers ! His team is his ‘Family’

 Anything unique you have experienced in Your Leadership? How a leader should be in the present scenario?

NKC: I think a leader’s presence should be such that when they pass by, everyone in the team feels that he is also one of them. I work a lot on creating direct communication with the employees, learning about their life & passions, sharing my learnings, and listening to them actively. Empathy and love for colleagues can make a leader unique. The entire weaving business is based on human resources, and in my opinion, they are the essence. To keep this essence alive, we need to focus on specific traits which involve empathy and compassion. look at humans as human not objects.

What’s your take on India becoming a superpower soon?

NKC: We can constantly march forward on this path and we shall reach there super soon!


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