Mumbai Police seized 3414 kg drugs in last 3 years: RTI reply

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Mumbai Police has seized 3414 kilograms of drugs in the last three years, out of which 2593 kg were seized in 2021 itself, as per the reply to a Right to Information Act (RTI) query provided by Mumbai Police.
In 2021 till October 25, Mumbai Police has seized drugs worth more than Rs 83.13 crore which is more than triple what it seized in 2019 (Rs 25.28 Crore) and 2020 (Rs 22.23 Crore.) Galgali, an RTI activist, had sought information from the Mumbai Police on the seizure and disposal of drugs seized in the last three years.
“The year 2019 and 2020 have not been reported and the disposal of 248 kilos of goods has been reported in the year 2021. Even today, there are doubts and rumours that police officers sell confiscated goods to each other. For this, it is necessary to make public the details of the confiscated items after each action so that ordinary Mumbaikars can also contribute to the ongoing war on drugs,” he said.
The Anti-Narcotics Cell of Mumbai Police informed Galgali about the action taken in the year 2019, 2020 and 2021.
As per the reply, in the year 2019, 395 kg 35 gm goods worth Rs 25.28 crore, as well as 1343 strips, 7577 bottles, 1551 dot, were seized. But no information was given about the disposal of these drugs.
In the year 2020, 427 kg 277 gm goods worth Rs 22.23 crore, as well as 14 mg, 5191 bottles, 66000 tabs, were seized.
As of October 25, 2021, the highest amount of goods worth Rs 83.18 crore was seized which included 2592 kg 93 grams of goods as well as 15830 bottles, 189 LSD papers. Disposal items include 248 kg 344 gm cannabis, 0.010 kg MD and 368 codeine phosphate mixed cough syrup bottles.

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