Motorola working on new foldable Razr

Washington [US]: The foldable smartphone space is heating up with more and more companies announcing new devices frequently. Motorola was one of the pioneers of the space, with the original foldable Razr launched in 2019.
The 5G follow-up to the phone a year later made much smaller waves, but the company is undeterred and in fact, it’s already working on the next generation Razr, reported GSM Arena. The details regarding the upcoming device come straight from a Lenovo executive, posting on Weibo. He promised that the next Razr will be more advanced in terms of performance, and it will come with an improved UI. Additionally, the design is said to be nicer too.
Finally, it looks likely that the new Razr will launch first in the Chinese market, breaking with tradition. The next Razr will probably launch internationally as well since both of its predecessors have.

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