Monsoon Session: Suspended TMC MP breaks glass pane in RS while trying to enter forcibly

New Delhi [India], August 5 : A Parliament Security Services (PSS) officer suffered minor injuries on Wednesday when Arpita Ghosh, one of the suspended Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs, broke the glass pane of a wooden door of the Rajya Sabha by smashing her mobile phone in a bid to forcibly enter the Upper House of Parliament.
The incident took place when the six suspended TMC MPs tried to forcibly enter the Rajya Sabha chamber after the House was adjourned at 3:15 p.m. According to a statement issued by the Parliament Security Service of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, the six TMC MPs, who were suspended on Wednesday including Bola Sen, Md. Nadimul Haque, Abir Ranjan Biswas, Shanta Chhetri, Arpita Ghosh and Mausam Noor, continued to raise anti-government slogans standing outside the Rajya Sabha chamber surrounded by the security personnel who were preventing them from entering the House.
The statement read, “When the Rajya Sabha House resumed at 2 pm, the afore-mentioned members gathered at the Snacks Counter near 30 Lobby of Rajya Sabha and tried to enter into the Rajya Sabha Chamber. Accordingly, when the PSS officials tried to stop them from entering the lobby of the Rajya Sabha, they started shouting slogans and kept themselves positioned at the Snacks counter during the remaining proceedings of the House.”
It further stated that after the adjournment of the House for the day, they immediately tried to enter into the Rajya Sabha Chamber. As per laid down procedures PSS was waiting for the members to vacate the Chamber so that requisite security checks of the Chamber could be done before allowing Sanitation staff to clean up the Chamber and sanitise the premises.
As a result, there was a heavy rush of the dispersing Members at the Lobby Gates, it said.
The statement mentioned that when the PSS officials tried to restrict them to enter the Chamber, the Members started creating ruckus and forcefully tried to enter into the Rajya Sabha Chamber.
It read, “While trying to gain forceful entry inside the Chamber, Arpita Ghosh, Hon’ble Member, broke the glass pane of the wooden door of Inner lobby (3rd Gate) of Rajya Sabha by smashing her mobile phone causing minor bruises/abrasions to Chander Kala, Assistant Section Officer (ASO).”
Thereafter, the ASO was immediately taken to the First Aid Post in the Central hall for necessary medical treatment, added the statement.
The Rajya Sabha was on Wednesday adjourned thrice, first till 2 pm, second for 15 minutes and finally, it was adjourned till Thursday 11 am.
The business of both the Houses of the Parliament remained majorly disrupted due to the continuous ruckus created by the Opposition over the issues including farmers’ protest, Pegasus spyware, COVID-19 and inflation.
The Monsoon Session commenced on July 19 and is scheduled to continue till August 13.

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