Mira Rajput Shares Video Doing Full Body Stretching Exercises

Mira Rajput does relaxing full-body stretching exercises in a new workout video for which she chose BTS’s song, Life Goes On. She revealed that her mantra was, ‘Breathe. Stretch. Release.’

Mira took to Instagram recently to post a video of herself doing several full-body recovery stretching exercises at her home. She talked about the importance of resetting and resting ourselves mentally and physically.

Mira chose BTS’s Life Goes On for the Instagram reel and captioned the post, “Breathe. Stretch. Release. Some days are great and some days you just need to res(e)t yourself, mentally and physically. Doesn’t matter if you’re perfect. What matters is that you show up. #recovery #trainandsustain #yogagirl.”

Dressed in a comfy black sports bra and printed calf-length workout tights, Mira nailed each stress. She tied her hair into a sleek ponytail to keep things fuss-free.

The video begins with her doing the Downward dog leg extensions. She did the yoga asana by getting into the Downward dog position. Then, she raised her leg into the air and brought it back near her torso.

After this, Mira did a Seated side bend pose, in which she stretched her body to the sides while sitting on the floor. She followed this pose with the Seated one-leg folded stretch, which helps open up the whole body and the back.

All these exercises help in relaxing our body and stretching the hamstrings and hip flexors. They develop balance, strengthen our arms and legs, bring peace to the mind, and helps the body unwind.

What do you think of her fitness routine?

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