Milind Soman Nails Clap Push-Ups In Latest Video

Milind Soman’s latest fitness video left us yearning for. Nailing clap push-ups in slow motion, in the backdrop of picturesque lush green mountains, Milind served the perfect Friday fitness motivation for lazy bones like us.

Taking to his social media handle, Milind shared a video which gave fans a glimpse of his refreshing workout session on the hills. The video featured the supermodel donning a casual round neck blue T-shirt, paired with black trousers and flaunting his well-trimmed salt and pepper look.

Getting on all fours on a grassy patch with trees growing densely behind him and the mountains kissing the cloudy skies beyond, Milind performed the push-ups exercise and managed to clap every time he was in the air. Sharing the slow motion video, Milind captioned it, “Such a beautiful place to do push-ups .. #keepmoving #clappingpushups #reelsinstagram #reelsvideo (sic).”


From working the triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders to strengthening the lower back and core by pulling in the abdominal muscles, push-ups not only build muscles and strength but also help in losing weight by raising one’s metabolism to burn fat.

They are a part of Calisthenics i.e. exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight and are performed with differing levels of intensity and rhythm and build serious strength, improve your brain-body connection, help you lose weight and body fat, reduces injury risk, improves mobility and ease of movement and ensures better long-term health.

Clapping push-ups or plyo pushups help with upper body and tone upper body strength, shoulder stability and core strength. This is a unique ballistic/plyometric exercise that challenges muscle fibers.

It not only helps build power but also adds muscle to the performer’s chest, triceps and shoulders. It improves lower body power and builds quick reflexes.

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