Michael Bay, Gareth Evans, Patrick Hughes Join Hands For Netflix’s ‘The Raid’ Reimagining

Washington [US], January 11 (ANI): Years after speculation, filmmaker Gareth Evans’ highly acclaimed Indonesian martial arts action film ‘The Raid’ is finally getting a US-based reimagining with the Welsh director teaming with action filmmakers Michael Bay and Patrick Hughes for a new take on the 2011 cult classic.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Hughes will direct the feature film, while Bay and XYZ Films will produce the follow up to Evans’ 2011 martial arts drama that earned the Midnight Madness Award at the Toronto Film Festival. “We’re incredibly excited about Patrick’s unique vision for this film. It’s a distinctly original take on the material, which promises to pay great respect to the original film while also bringing a fresh approach and perspective that will set its own course in the action genre,” the producers of the film said in a statement obtained by the outlet.

For the unversed, ‘The Raid’, starring Indonesian martial artist Iko Uwais, became a must-see movie among festival-goers. Sony Pictures Classics had picked up North American distribution for the film in advance of the 2012 edition of Sundance.

The original film was followed in 2014 by ‘The Raid 2’, which saw protagonist Rama go undercover to fight both police corruption and gangs in the criminal underworld.

The Netflix reimagining will be set in Philadelphia’s drug-infested ‘Badlands’, where an elite undercover DEA task force climbs a ladder of cartel informants to catch an elusive kingpin.

Hughes will also pen the latest version of ‘The Raid’ with James Beaufort. Evans and Range Media Partners will executive produce, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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