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Meghana Raj: The Loyalty Of Chiranjeevi Sarja’s Fans Is A Big Strength For Me

The untimely demise of actor Chiranjeevi Sarja last year has left many fans of Kannada cinema in shock. While they still miss their favourite actor, the fans have ensured they bestow their love and support to his family, especially to Meghana Raj Sarja and their son Raayan Raj Sarja. Meghana had opened up about the love she has received from his fans and thanked them for their loyalty. This is what she had said…

One thing I will say, Chiru is a star not for his onscreen persona. He is a star for who he is as a person. On June 8, when we were heading to Kanakapura farm, there were people who were lined up from the entrance of our home till the entrance of the farm. People were gathered in thousands and waited to get a glimpse and pay their respects to him, in the times of Covid. It wasn’t for the films he’s done or his hits. He is a different kind of a star. It was the first time that I felt that I should live a life like him and our child should grow up with his principles. When one is a global or pan-Indian icon, then the people coming in are for the fame. Chiru was someone who never spoke about the good things he did. It was that day which made me realise how people came because of that and not because of him being a film star alone. The loyalty of his fans is also a big strength for me.

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