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Meghana Raj, Chiranjeevi Sarja’s Son Named Raayan Raj Sarja

Last October saw the birth of Meghana Raj and late Chiranjeevi Sarja’s son. He has since been fondly called Prince, Simba, Junior Chiru and Chintu among many other names. On Friday morning, the family and friends got together to officially name him.

“We have chosen to name him Raayan Raj Sarja. Raayan has two meanings, one signifying a prince and the other being the gates to paradise. Prince was what he was being called by fans and loved ones already, so it felt apt. And his birth led us to a lot of happiness, so he did open the gates of paradise in all our lives in that sense. This made us choose this as the apt name,” shares Meghana.

Friday was a busy morning for everyone as there were two ceremonies. “We first had him being baptised in the church. This was followed by a cradle ceremony held at a city hotel, which had our close family and friends in attendance,” shares Meghana.

The actress is also glad that her little one has a name finally. “One of the most asked questions, rather the only question, was when am I naming him and what would be his name. I am happy that we have finally named him. We can now have his birthday cake with his name,” laughs Meghana.

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