Manjusha Niyogi’s Mom Says Her Daughter Wanted To Live With Bidisha De Majumdar

Bengali model Manjusha Niyogi was tracked down dangling from the roof of her room in Kolkata. Her self destruction comes after another Bengali model’s passing, Bidisha De Majumdar. Bidisha had additionally ended it all two days prior. The two were exceptionally dear companions. Manjusha’s mom has told an entertainment portal that her girl needed to live with Bidisha. Her mother additionally said that Manjusha had indicated her demise not long after Bidisha was tracked down hanging.

Manjusha Niyogi, a well known model, was tracked down dangling from the roof of her room in her Kolkata home. She remained with her family in Kolkata’s Patuli region. Manjusha’s mother told an entertainment portal, “My daughter used to constantly state that she wants to stay with Bidisha. She used to speak about Bidisha constantly. I scolded her when she told me that very soon media will focus on our house just like Bidisha’s.” Both Manjusha and Bidisha were small-time model and actors. They were also very close friends.

Manjusha Niyogi was tracked down hanging at her home on May 27. The model’s mom additionally guaranteed that she was experiencing intense sadness after the passing of her dear companion, Bidisha De Majumdar. Manjusha Niyogi’s body was shipped off a clinic for posthumous assessment to find out the reason for death, a cop said.

Before Manjusha, Bengali model-turned-entertainer Bidisha De Majumdar was tracked down dead in her condo in Dum Dum, Kolkata. The 21-year-old entertainer used to live in a leased level there since the most recent four months. The police recuperated her body from her level at Nagerbazar region on May 25, evening. They went into her home by breaking the entryway, where she was tracked down hanging. The Barrackpore Police has previously begun the examination for this situation.

As indicated by a source, police likewise recuperated a self destruction note from Bidisha’s flat. The departed model had a sweetheart named Anubhab Bera. Her companions have guaranteed that she was in wretchedness due her relationship with him.

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