Mango Yoghurt Popsicles Recipe

Chef Shivesh Bhatia tapped on our nostalgia of summer evenings with an easy recipe of mango yoghurt popsicles that can be made at home. “I love when you can whip up a refreshing dessert by just spending 5 minutes in the kitchen and these yogurt popsicles are my summer dreams come true,” he wrote.

Take a look at the recipe here:


½ cup yogurt/ homemade dahi

¾ cup mango puree

1-2 tbsp honey


Make mango puree and add yoghurt and honey to the mixture. Whip the mixture nicely so that the lumps are gone. Then take kulfi moulds and pour the mix and add ice cream sticks on top. Freeze for 8-10 hours before taking them out. Serve chilled!

(Recipe: Shivesh Bhatia, Chef)

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