Mangesh Desai To Make His Debut As A Producer

Marathi star Mangesh Desai, who has established himself as a strong actor in all the three mediums of theatre, film and TV series, is all set to make his debut as a producer.

Mangesh has made his mark as an actor in several Marathi films including ‘Ekk Albela’, a sensitive film like ‘Khel Mandala’. Going beyond his identity as an actor, Mangesh has taken up a film as a producer.

What subject has Mangesh chosen to make his debut as a producer in the Marathi film industry, what is the name of the film, who is the writer, director, cast, all the information is still under the wrap.

While speaking about the same, Mangesh Desai, said “After acting for so many years, I wanted to try something different. So now we have taken a step in film production. Because filmmaking is as challenging as acting”

“So far, whether it’s a comedy or a serious role, I’ve always been sensitive. Now I believe the audience will see the same sensitivity in my first production as a producer. All the details of the film will be released in due course” Desai added.

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