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Malaika Arora shares three simple asanas for mothers to feel relaxed and calm

Mothers selflessly take care of their families and play an essential role in every household. But it is extremely important for them to take out time for themselves on an everyday basis and practice yoga, which helps in keeping one fit and healthy.

To motivate you a bit more, we have actor and fitness aficionado Malaika Arora sharing three yoga asanas that are perfect for inducing relaxation while improving bodily strength with regular practice.

“Every single day should be celebrated as Mother’s Day for the unconditional feelings they express no matter what day it is, how her day is or what the circumstances are. We have three simple asanas for all the moms out there to feel relaxed and calm because they deserve it,” she wrote on Instagram.

Here are the 3 asanas for mother:-

1) VRIKSHASANA helps to improve posture and promotes balance, both physical and emotional. 

2) TRIKONASANA helps to fight the hunch, especially for the breastfeeding moms. 

3) UTKATASANA develops strength in the whole body, especially back muscles while relieving stiffness in the shoulders. 

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