Mainak Banerjee To Tie The Knot On February 18

Actor Mainak Banerjee is all set to tie the knot on February 18 with Ashwarya Chowdhury, a car designer by profession. “I got introduced to Ashwarya at actor Joydip Kundu’s residence on Durga Puja back in 2018. Then we became friends on social media and would interact at times. After I came to know that she is a car designer by profession, we started chatting on a regular basis. Needless to say that I am a car freak! Our common interest was cars and we bonded well over that. Her family lives in Kolkata so when Ashwarya would visit them, we would meet and the friendship grew stronger over time. I am an introvert and unromantic, so the credit for taking this relationship to the next level goes to Ashwarya,” said the actor.

Talking about his wedding plans, Mainak shared, “Ashwarya will be coming to Kolkata on February 11 and l will be leaving for Mumbai on February 28. As both of us are busy with our work, we are not going on our honeymoon now. She will be coming back to Kolkata during Holi. We will have a joint reception. Both of us love biryani, so that has to be there on our wedding menu. Ashwarya loves to wear a sari, so I bought a Kanchipuram silk sari for her on my own.”

On the work front, Mainak is busy shooting for the serial Dhulo Kona. “I just completed shooting for the film Simanto. I will start dubbing for it soon,” said the actor.

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