‘Mafia’: First Character Sketch Of D. Sathyanarayana

The making of ‘Mafia’ is currently in full swing. The team, post a few significant changes, began filming with full gusto about five weeks ago and Prajwal Devaraj, the film’s lead, took to social media a short while ago to reveal the first character sketch of his role. The special poster, presenting Prajwal’s intense cop avatar in the film, also reveals that his character is named D. Sathyanarayana.

“The demons don’t know they are fighting the DEVIL. Revealing to you the first character sketch of Sathya – @ D SATHYANARAYANA,” wrote Prajwal in his post to share the intriguing side of his character.

The actor had previously revealed in an exclusive chat that ‘Mafia’, the film, is mainly concerned with a crooked human trafficking nexus and Prajwal plays a cop in the film whose rather peculiar methods come to the fore when he tries to get to the bottom of things. The film is being directed by Lohith H. of ‘Mummy’ and ‘Devaki’ fame who was brought on board to replace the initial choice, Gurudatha Ganiga.

Aditi Prabhudeva plays the female lead in the film who joined the sets on the 5th of January. Reportedly, Aditi plays Shruthi, an investigative journalist, in the film and the actor is quite kicked about playing a novel character in the film, especially with a meaty role in hand. This will be Aditi Prabhudeva and Prajwal Devaraj’s maiden on-screen collaboration.

The film’s cast also includes actor Sadhu Kokila, Vijay Chendoor, and others while veteran actor and Prajwal’s father Devaraj too plays a key role in the film. The team had recently shared pictures of Devaraj joining the sets.

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