LS Speaker cautions Opposition

Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla cautioned Opposition leaders about their unruly behaviour as they are placing placards in front of his chair and also try to block the vision of those MPs participating in the debate in the House including that of the speaker.

New Delhi [India], August 4: To get their protest noticed and broadcast on the Lok Sabha channel for people to see, many Opposition members have been using placards to block the sight of the MP, including ministers, with their placards demanding snooping investigation and farmers protest written on it. However, on Wednesday, Speaker Lok Sabha Om Birla cautioned the protesting Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs from placing placards in front of his chair when the camera moved towards him. The house was adjourned for fifteen minutes.
Post adjournment, Rajendra Aggarwal chaired the sitting of the house.
Meanwhile, Biju Janta Dal (BJD) MP Anubhav Mohanty, when got up to raise his issue in the House, many tried to block his screen time with placards as well.
Rajendra Aggarwal warned the Opposition MPs of serious action if attempts are made to block the screen presence of members participating in the functioning of the House.
“Don’t do anything that chair may need to act on. These placards are coming in front of the chair. Get back. This isn’t right. You are crossing the limit. Go back to your seats,” said Aggarwal before adjourning the House again.
The Opposition parties have been collectively making an attempt to get the camera’s capture during their protest as they shout slogans and wave placards in the well of the House.
“What do we do? As we protest against issues like Pegasus and farmers protest, we need people to know we are raising voices and government is muzzling us and that is why if we are not shown on camera, we try to get our share of the live frame,” said one of the Opposition members who regularly wave placards on faces of members who speak.
“They are exposing themselves and we let them do this for some time. However, it is getting worse day by day and parliamentary traditions do not allow this. We will see what needs to be done,” added a senior BJP leader.

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