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‘Love Is Blind’: Couple Makes World Record For Greatest Height Difference

They say love is blind, but we would like to believe love is more accepting and compassionate. It does not judge; instead, it makes people embrace the best version of themselves. And while North Wales couple James and Chloe Lusted may not see eye-to-eye — he is 3 ft 7 inches tall and she is just about 5 ft 5 inches tall — they are very much in love, and have also made a world record for having the greatest height difference for a married couple.

In a video shot for Guinness World Records, James says when he was growing up he was worried if he would ever get married, because “who would marry a dwarf?” He never thought there could be someone who would one day fall in love with him.

On her part, Chloe — his wife — says her usual type is a “tall guy”. “I don’t think you can choose who you fall in love with,” she says.

James says he has a rare form of dwarfism, but he can do everything — from driving a car to cooking — “just in a different way”.

When they started dating, Chloe did think about how people would react, given their difference in height. “Chloe’s mum had a little bit more of a reservation… Chloe has always dated and been with taller guys,” James says, adding the reservations were more about the health, and what happens if they have a child with dwarfism.

The couple is married for five years now, and has a healthy little two-year-old girl, Olivia.

“I definitely think there’s someone out there for everyone, and perhaps not who you would imagine… You cannot judge a book by its cover; just love the person no matter who they are really,” Chloe says.

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