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Looking For Mr/Ms. Right: Try Lauren Gottlieb’s Dating Tips

Your heart’s already signaled that the new entrant in your life is the Mr/Ms. Right, you have always waited for. However, rushing things up and making the wrong moves can make sure that you end up in their blocked list instead of their heart.

Chatting up her fans on #fame, dancer and television personality Lauren Gottlieb shared the dating tips that will help you seal the deal.

Create a catchy bio-data
When it comes to online dating, be creative, funny, casual and keep your profile short. If you’re into online dating, do not reveal too much information about who you are and what you intend to be after 10 years. Wait for a conversation to initiate and let him/her figure out more.

Be realistic
Even online, look for a potential partner who will complement you rather than the one people think is hot. Wouldn’t it feel better when your family or friends saw you together and commented, “Aww, the two make a perfect pair,” instead of “My God, they are such a mismatch!

Keep conversations casual
When you have found a match and you’re talking regularly with him/her, it is essential to keep your conversations casual, witty and sweet. Also, no relationship can last on the phone forever. Take a step further and ask the person out for a coffee or catch up over a movie, to get to know them better.

Money matters
Do not disclose how much money you make on a dating app. It is a risky thing to do. There’s no point attracting someone merely on the basis of how much money you make, so leave those discussions for when things get more serious.

Don’t ask things like, “Am I looking fat?”
On a date, this is the worst question to put forth to the guy sitting in front of you. He may be honest enough and say yes, but then that may not go down well with you. You might feel uncomfortable with his answer. So, why make yourself feel bad in the first place? Instead, ask your friends or mom about how you look.

Ditch the phone
Although you might love surfing Facebook and Instagramming every click, it is best to keep your phone aside and enjoying the moment with your date.

No digging up the past
This is a big no-no and it is best not to talk about your past with someone you are meeting for a first date.

And if things start getting serious between you guys, talk it out. Even when it comes to things like meeting the parents, let it be a mutual decision instead of introducing yourself to your partner’s parents without the other’s consent.

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