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Types of Lip Piercings

The lips are one of the most attractive facial features of a human. Therefore, looking after them is another chore altogether. However, when you adorn them with lipstick, a tattoo, or even a piercing, their visuals become more prominent tenfold. But the question is, what piercing types do you need to bring out a bolder look? 

Well, we have the answer you’re looking for; trust us, we’ve done our research. Finding the ideal lip or cheek piercing for you can be challenging with the variety available.

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You’ll adore the canvas the lips give, whether searching for a chic and understated single lip piercing or want to go all out with quadruple lip piercings. We have a comprehensive list of all lip piercings for your convenience.

So, stay tuned and dive with us into the world of bold, sleek, and head-turning piercings. 

Essential Tips To Remember

  • There are numerous different lip piercing styles to pick from, including many with multiple piercings.
  • Upper lip piercings often take two to three months to cure, whereas lower lip piercings typically take six to eight weeks.
  • Ensure the jewelry you select rests flush against your skin and doesn’t rub on your gums or teeth.

There are numerous areas to get pierced on the lips. Because there is a new piercing fad that sweeps the fashion industry off its feet every decade, they never go out of vogue.

Lip piercings have advanced in trend in recent years. There are roughly 17 different kinds of lip piercings, and many of them can be altered.

Many options are available, whether you prefer superficial, subtle appearances or dramatic, gorgeous designs.

Lip Piercing Types Everyone Should Know


1- Side Labret Lip Piercing/ Classic Lip Piercing: 

The most prevalent lip piercing is this one, which is the standard.


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Decide which side of the lip you want the piercing to be on. It is also referred to as a side labret piercing.

Lip piercings typically require 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely. While we usually advise waiting eight weeks before switching out your jewelry, it’s vital to be tolerant while your lip piercing heals.

A promising sign that the incision has healed is if there isn’t a yellow crust on the skin around the jewelry.

2- Ashley Piercing: 

The Ashley piercing penetrates the lip directly, unlike typical piercings, which puncture the skin around the lips. The middle of your bottom lip serves as its entry point, while your mouth serves as its exit.


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Moreover, this piercing looks impressive when adorned with delicate gemstones and framed by a vivid lipstick shade. But remember that you won’t be able to wear lip color until your piercing is completely healed.

The healing process takes around 2-4 months, and only jewelry with an even post and a flat backing is suitable for the Ashley piercing. Like other backing types, the flat disc backing sits flush with your lip and prevents rubbing against your teeth and gums.

For your labret studs, you can either keep with a straightforward ball end or select various charms and jewels.

3- Labret & Vertical Labret Piercing: 

The center of the bottom of your lip is where a labret piercing is placed. Like ordinary lip piercings, labret piercings are made in the middle of the lip rather than the side. The typical recovery period lasts 6 to 8 weeks.


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A vertical labret piercing is similar to a labret piercing, except the entry and exit locations are visible. With a curved bar that is pierced vertically across your bottom lip, you can view the jewelry. Healing from this typically takes 6 to 8 weeks.

4- Medusa Piercing: 

Yes, we know how much excitement the name alone brings into the conversation. The Medusa piercing emphasizes the contour of your mouth by sitting above the lip, in the exact middle, at the point where your lip curves downward (the philtrum).

This piercing looks excellent for those with unusual lip shapes or who wish to draw attention to their lips. 

The healing time for this piercing usually takes around 2-3 months, and you can only wear jewelry with a flat disc back. Play around with some unusual jewels and charms.

5- Dahlia Piercing: 

Dahlia piercing: Usually done in pairs, the Dahlia piercing is located at the corners of the mouth. However, a single piercing offers a distinctive alternative.


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Its appearance is intended to resemble a stretched smile and is also known as the “Joker piercing.” 

Consequently, The Black Dahlia, a performer discovered with a smile engraved into her face, is the inspiration for the name of the Dahlia piercing.

The piercing heals in around 4-6 weeks. Moreover, you can customize it with rounded back studs. For a more distinctive appearance, choose gemstone ends.

6- The Monroe & Madonna Piercing

Like Dahlia, the Monroe piercing takes after the famous Marilyn Monroe’s on her top lip, an unmistakable beauty mark.

On the right side of the upper lip, there is a single piercing known as the Monroe. The healing time for the Monroe piercing is at least 8 to 12 weeks.


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Furthermore, the Madonna piercing isn’t far behind; the piercing is similar to Monroes but on the opposite side. The Monroe piercing takes at least 8 to 12 weeks to cure, whereas the Madonna piercing resembles Madonna’s well-known beauty mark.

7- Snake Bites

The goth chics just won a lottery with this one:

  • Snake Bites: Since they resemble snake fangs, snake bite piercings got their name. It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to recover from snake bites under your lower lip on either side.


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8- Spider Bites

  • Spider Bites: The word “spider bites” came from how a spider bite appeared. Place two lip piercings right close to one another under your lip, on the right or left side. It may take 12–16 months for this piercing to heal completely.

9- Angel Bites: 

  • Angel Bites: On the top lip, angel bites resemble snake bites in nearly every way. Healing may take 8 to 12 weeks.


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Make Sure To Follow The Suggested Aftercare

It’s crucial to adhere to aftercare instructions while obtaining an oral or lip piercing. It comprises:

  • Avoid spicy foods
  • No kissing or oral activities 
  • Always wash your hands with hand sanitizer before contacting your mouth. Replace your toothbrush frequently.
  • Feed your body nutritious foods, such as cold fruit smoothies.
  • Use only mouthwash free of alcohol.
  • Use Sterilear. Draw your lip down while spraying the inside and outside of your piercing.


Any piercing can heal if you follow the aftercare instructions and allow your body to do so. Make sure to clean both the front and back of your piercing regularly, maintain excellent dental hygiene, and try to flex your mouth and jewelry as little as you can to ensure the success of your piercing.

Nonetheless, lip piercing is one of the trendiest fads in the world right now. Never restrict oneself to side-label designs. You’ll find the perfect appearance among various lip piercing styles.

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