10 Light Skin with Dreads Hairstyle Ideas

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Dreadlocks are one of the protective hairstyles that have been popular in the 21st century. Also known as “locs,” the hairstyle is common among all nationalities and all skin tones. This blog will share ideas about style dreads locs with light skin tones. Continue reading and learn about different locs hairstyles.

The dreadlocks can be easily installed in the natural hair or added as extensions. The dread extensions are available in different sizes, patterns, and colors.

Black men mostly wear dreadlocks, but with the changing mindset, light skin tones can also rock this hairstyle with different looks.

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10 Light Skin with Dreads Hairstyle Ideas

Dreadlocks are now one of the famous styles that are easy to carry and attractive.

Light-skin celebrities with dreads have gained popularity and have played a vital role in spreading this look all around the globe.

Here we introduce you to some latest hairstyles that light-skin artists with dreads can easily rock on several events. Continue reading to learn more about light skin with dreadlocks styling ideas.

1: Half up dreadlock do

Half-up dreadlock is one of the trendiest hairstyles that are easy to make and carry with any costume. Shakira is a light skin singer with dreads who love rocking the dreadlock look.

She has been seen with parted hair locs from the middle and an equal number of dreadlocks on each side. Girls with light skin tones can ace the look by parting the thin locs on each side.

2: Dreadlock ponytail

Another good way for light-skin toners to rock the look of dreadlocks is to tie the dreads in a ponytail.

Use some twine or ribbon to keep the locs together and tie them in a cute ponytail This hairstyle is easy to make with very few hair accessories.


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Additionally, the hairstyle keeps the locs off your face. This style is perfect for working and college-going women and girls on summer days.

3: Crimped dreadlocks

Famous light skin with dreads can be easily carried in different styling looks. Another great dreadlock style is trying out the popular crimped look.

It was very popular back in the 90s, but it has emerged again as the top dreadlock hairstyle. It makes the most modern look if you want to complement your look for formal events and parties.

Part the hair on one side of finishing this look, adding a hair clip or accessory to the other side.

4: Two Dreadlocks’ ponytails

This hairstyle is the best option if you want to rock dreadlocks with a different look. Part the dreadlocks from mid and tie them in two ponytails.

This cute hairstyle looks great with loose T-shirts and winter costumes. Embrace your inner child with this hairstyle and get your favorite sporting look from your dreads.

5: Wavy dreadlocks

Light skin people mostly feel low while choosing dreadlocks as their new hairstyle. However, light skin with freeform dreads is a unique hairstyle that adds grace to your personality.

If you are bored with your simple locs, this is the time to do a little effort and make them wavy. Try out the latest textured wavy dreadlocks look and transform your look.

Want to take this look up a notch? Cut some of your locs in front in the bangs or bleach a few locs. With bangs and dyed locs it makes the perfect light-skin artist with dreads hairstyle.

6: Short dreadlocks bob

Many pop singers and other artists love playing with their hair to experience different looks. Bob is the ever-green look that never goes out of style.

First, go chic and pretty by cutting the dreads into a bob style. Light skin with dreads can be easily managed with the short bob. Next, style the shirt tresses in dreads and get the hottest look.

The anime movie characters are now seen with dreads. Light skin anime character with dreads is seen with a bob cut and colored dreads that are enough to steal the show. So, get influenced by them and get a transformed look with bob and dreads.

7: Freeform dreads

The Jamaican influencer culture grew at the same rate as Hip Hop, which explains how Rappers with dreads are becoming common.

Light skin rapper with red dreads has influenced the masses to style their freeform dreadlocks with different colors. Another thing is having freeform dreadlocks and styling them by playing with different colors and cuts.

Dying blonde or any bold color is fun to style the freeform locs. It not only makes the best hairstyle but also transforms your whole look. Further, if you have been into dyeing your hair on your own, you can easily do it at your home.

8: Blonde dreadlocks

2 Chainz, light skin rapper with blond dreadlocks, has captured the attention with their statement dreadlocks look.

He is another artist and rapper influencing his audience with his dreadlock look. He traditionally started his dreads but then experimented with a few looks, including twists, curly dreads, and a blonde shade.

Blonde dreadlocks look modern if managed well. Further, they can be easily carried into ponytails and braids.

9: Headband dreadlocks

No rule says that you need to cover your head with the locs. You can show off the dreads along with natural hair in several ways.

For instance, get a layered hairstyle and keep your hair free from locs on the front while creating locs on the back.

It makes a surreal look for girls who simultaneously love playing with locs and natural hair. Add a colorful headband and rock this look at festivals or even on a regular school day.

10: Ombre dreadlocks

Ombre color has taken the world by storm. Like the blonde dreads, it is another statement hairstyle of rappers, singers and other artists.

You can also get this look by turning the locs into a brighter ginger shade—accenting the dreads with some sparkle in the form of a blond color. Wrap up the dreads with gold thread to complement this look.

Final words:

Light skin with dreads is not quite common, as dreadlocks originated among blacks. This is the reason black people follow this style blindly.

But, regardless of the skin color, dreadlocks look great on every skin tone if styled well. So, if you are thinking of starting locs, style and rock your locs in any of the styles mentioned above.


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