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Life Lessons Fathers Need To Teach Their Children

Every new generation sets its own culture, new slangs, new dating rules, professional language, et al., and we accept them with arms wide open! But when it comes to life lessons, we pretty much pass them around from an over-wrought cultural barrel.

Well, it’s time we change the lessons we’ve been expecting fathers to teach their kids. Fathers no longer have to only stick to teaching their kids how to ride a bike, nor do they learn to leave the household lessons for the women of the house to teach.

Without further ado, we come to the point of this conversation, that fathers need to give new life lessons to their children. Here’s what we have come up with, and if you’ve something more to add, do let us know.

It’s Okay To Be Emotional

‘Boys don’t cry and ‘Girls cry too much’ should be put to the grave for good. While mothers are the cushion for most of us, children look up to their father for emotional lumberjack support. Our bond with our father affects us in more ways than one. In 2001, psychologist Ronald Rohner, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Study of Parental Acceptance and Rejection at the University of Connecticut, published an article in Review of General Psychology on fathers’ love. “Rohner’s research suggests that fathers’ love helps children develop a sense of their place in the world, which helps their social, emotional and cognitive development and functioning,” the report was quoted as saying.

To Be Self-Reliance

Self-reliance or Atma-nirbhar should not be taken as the buzzword of the moment but as a life skill. If the coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything, it is to be able to sustain with minimalism. From baking at home to doing all household chores, we all have done that during the lockdown. Taking that as a big takeaway, fathers should not only teach their children how to knot a tie or fix a satellite TV dish but also cleaning, cooking, housekeeping.

Don’t Choose For Them, Help Them Choose

It is common in Indian households to see your father as the head of the house, who’s responsible for all big and small decisions. While the responsibility bit is acceptable, the situation gets murkier when fathers start deciding what’s wise and worth for their children. As a parent, worrying about their child’s wellbeing is undeniable, but we need a new approach.

Coming across as the ultimate authority may sometime put your child on the back foot, and they may start avoiding asking for permission. Keep communication open and healthy, and instead of choosing for them, try helping them choose.

This will help in establishing a healthier environment where freedom to choose and wisdom to choose can walk hand in hand. This will not only let you stay in their otherwise close-circuited world but will also help them in making better choices. 

Racism, Sexism, Gender Discrimination Is Not Acceptable

We cannot afford to see another generation seeing the pitfall of these social-political issues. This world needs to put an end to inequality that affects every life. We can no longer justify patriarchy, prejudice against caste, color, race, religion, or ethnicity. All men need to believe it, all humans need to believe in it, and this will certainly begin at home.

Need To Be Environment Conscious

It cannot be acceptable for any parent to let their children live in an environmentally screwed world, devoid of clean water, breathable air, and healthy food. But, that’s what the future looks like, isn’t it? Raising eco-conscious generation can be done if you walk the talk.

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